Sega Stunner Board


I took some pictures and made a rough, partial schematic of the Sega Stunner circuit board while working on a receiver for my IR light gun project. The pictures were up on Twitter but are gone now. I’m just putting a copy of the files here because they’ve helped at least one person in the past.

The Sega Stunner is a relatively simple light-gun circuit. The heavy lifting is done by a pair of ICs. The top of the board has a 74HC14N Hex inverting Schmitt trigger and a LM359N Op-AMP.

top of board  

The bottom of the board has most of the other components.
bottom of board  

I’ve only traced out the circuit around the 74HC14N because it’s the part that I needed. I’ll try to redraw the circuit in KiCad someday. I’ll also trace out the Op-Amp circuit. I’ll update this page when I do. rough notes  

Here’s a video of my fake stunner circuit with a Japanese Saturn. Saturn/Virtua Gun backend  

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