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26 JAN 2024

I'm a software developer and system administrator living in the United States. I have a general interest in creating things (writing computer programs, drawing, painting, playing with electronics, etc). I enjoy learning about new things, and I'm constantly trying out new technology. Lately I have been playing with 3D printers, LLMs, Blazor/ASP.NET, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, SGDK, and Information Security technology.

I have extensive experience developing and maintaining software for a number of different platforms (GNU-Linux, Windows, Web, iOS) and writing software in a various programming languages (C/C++, C#, JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, PostgreSQL, Python, MongoDB ).

I've also worked (and currently work) as a System Administrator at several start-up companies. I have experience configuring and maintaining software services on Windows Server and GNU/Linux (Ubuntu, Alma/RedHat, AMI ). I currently administer Windows and Linux (Ubuntu and Red Hat) servers, AWS resources, and Azure servers several clients.

About This Website

I've created this website as a learning exercise and a hobby. I've rewritten it multiple times over as a way of learning new web technology. The current version is written with C#/Blazor and ASP.NET. The previous incarnation was written with NestJS and ReactJS. NestJS is very nice, but I wanted to try something new. Other versions were created with PHP/Laravel (long ago), HTML and JavaScript (very long ago), and NodeJS/ExpressJS (more recently).

The content here consists of things that I find useful or interesting. I'm sharing my notes in the hope they will be useful to others. Given how rapidly technology changes, I make no guarantees or warranties for the suitability or fitness of any of the information presented here for any purpose. (use it at your own risk). I may also edit older posts and there's no guarantee I won't change or completely remove posts in the future.

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I have no interest in you, in tracking you or in selling your data. I don't store your IP address or browsing history. I don't want to know your real name, address, or any demographic information. I'm not allowing anyone to create an account on this website so there are no sessions or session cookies.

I may someday look at ads or affiliate links, but I don't find that interesting. This website is just a hobby and I'm more likely to delete everything and start over in a new programming language than bother with ads.

About Me

Greg Gallardo

I'm a software developer and sys-admin living in the US. I code with C++, C#, Java, Swift, Python, JavaScript and TypeScript. I also maintain Windows and Linux systems on-site and Linode, AWS and Azure




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